Cairns has some of the nicest beaches in Australia. You’ll find yourself feeling like you’re on a tropical summer holiday when at a Cairns beach.

Cairns has beautiful beaches which a lot are about half an hour from the city centre. Most of the nearby beaches will look like you’re on a tropical island! One of the nicest beaches in Cairns is Palm Cove Beach and it’s only half an hour’s drive from the city. There are palm trees lined along the beach and it is such a scenic view.

You can spend the day at the beach relaxing on the soft sand either in the sun or shade. Or you can take a walk along the beach where you’ll feel like you’re on a tropical island walking under the palm trees. Or you can do a range of activities like swimming, playing volleyball, or going fishing.

What else can I do near Palm Cove?

If you’re in the Palm Cove area, you’d be happy to know the Kuranda Rainforest is nearby! A popular activity you can do to see the rainforest is the Kuranda Scenic Railway. The railway will take you through the lush rainforest and you’ll see some waterfalls along the way.

Does Cairns have other nice beaches?

Palm Cove beach isn’t the only nice beach in Cairns! The city has beaches everywhere and they are all close to the city centre. You can spend your day relaxing in the shade or going out in the waters and going for a swim.

Trinity Beach

Trinity Beach is one of the favourite beaches amongst the locals. At this beach you’ll find the walking trails are shady, the waters are calm, and overall, a very chill area to relax for the day. Around the area, you can find yourself shopping, or dining at one of the many restaurants.

Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach is one of the quieter beaches in Cairns. The beach has trees keeping parts of the sand shaded. Clifton Beach is also right near the popular Palm Cove Beach!

Cairns Esplanade Lagoon

The Esplanade Lagoon is technically not a beach as it’s a swimming pool, but there is sand near the water. As you’re in the pool you can look over the edge and have a view of the ocean. The waters are a lot safer to swim in as it’s filtered saltwater. Stay for dinner and enjoy the beautiful sunset, it’s one of the best spots in Cairns!

Palm Cove Beach still takes the title of being the nicest beach in Cairns. The beach has soft sand and palm trees lined along the sand. You’ll find yourself spending hours, or even a day just at the beach relaxing under a palm tree or swimming.

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