With beautiful reefs and spectacular rainforests close to Cairns, it can be hard to decide where to go, so why not do it all?

What better way to experience the fantastic regions that neighbour Cairns than by exploring oceans one day and forests the next? Cairns is home to some of Australia’s most beautiful and diverse environments, so join a number of our day tours for breathtaking views and experiences.

Spend one day exploring the corals of the Great Barrier Reef and another off the beaten track in the Australian wilderness of the Daintree Rainforest.

Great Barrier Reef

A wonder of the natural world, and for good reason, the stunning Great Barrier Reef spans for over 2,300km along the coast of Australia. Cairns provides one of the best departure points for reef-based adventures. Cruise across turquoise waters and dive beneath the waves to explore the reef and come face-to-face with the local marine life. Our tour takes you to two iconic reef sites for maximum wildlife spotting opportunities.

You’ll stop first at Hastings Reef, followed by Breaking Patches. Along the way, learn about the importance of the Great Barrier Reef and the diverse eco-system it homes. Once you’ve arrived at the reefs, you’ll be in awe of the vibrant colours and shapes of the coral below you. 30 nautical miles from the coast, Hastings Reef is a haven for sea creatures. A network of caves further facilitates the diverse life below the surface. Meanwhile, Breaking Patches is home to turtles and many of the brightly coloured fish the Great Barrier Reef is famous for.

Upgrade your snorkel to a guided scuba dive, perfect for beginner divers! Eliminate the pesky need to rise to the surface for air, and glide above the ocean floor. Get deeper and closer to the sand-dwelling creatures and see the lagoon rays that glide across the seafloor. If you want to stay dry but still want to see all the best the reef has to offer, then we have something for you too! Hop aboard a small glass bottom boat where you can see the underwater world without dipping a toe in the water.

Cape Tribulation and Daintree Rainforest

From the sea to the trees, compliment your Cairns adventure with a one-day Cape Tribulation and Daintree tour.

Journey to an eco-accredited river cruise where you will spot crocodiles and other wildlife while astonished at the beauty of your surrounds. After you’ve found crocs, venture to the Marrdja boardwalk for a guided walk through the Daintree Rainforest. Keep an eye out for some of the unusual plant and tree life and don’t forget to look for the southern cassowary, the mysterious blue-necked bird that roams through the forest.

Following a delicious picnic lunch, you’ll head to Cape Tribulation beach. Marvel at the pristine sand and the rainforest that sits beside it. After a relaxing stop at the beach, you’ll take a short drive up to the Alexander Range lookout. Spectacular views will surround you and you’ll have the opportunity to see the coastal hinterlands and Daintree river from this incredible vantage point.

Cairns has an abundance of beautiful regions and places to visit. Joining adventures starting at Cairns gives you the freedom to explore the amazing regions that surround Cairns at your own pace, guaranteeing you’ll get to hit the best spots around!

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