So, you want to go to the Great Ocean Road, but you’ve only got a day to spare, can you do it?

It’s always nice to have a few days to properly explore a region, but sometimes you run short on time and you find yourself with only one day left to cover a huge area. Luckily, we have great news for you, you can visit all the best spots of the Great Ocean Road in one day!

An hour-and-a-half drive from Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road spans for 243kms from is beginning in Torquay. Plenty of day tours run down the Great Ocean Road stopping at all the major attractions. Here are just some of the places you can stop at in a single day!

  • Memorial Arch

    One of the first stops for your day will be Memorial Arch, which was built to honour the 3000 soldiers who constructed the Great Ocean Road upon returning home from WWI. The road was commissioned as a memorial for the soldiers who lost their lives during the war, and the arch signifies the beginning of the world’s longest war memorial.

  • Twelve Apostles

    One of the most famous sites along the road are the Twelve Apostles. Though only eight remain, these iconic limestone stacks are a sight to behold. The Apostles were formed as wind and water eroded the cliffs edge, and today we still see their changing state as erosion continues. It is believed that they reduce in size around the base by 2cm each year. Fret not though for once they have all fallen, erosion on the current cliff face is likely to create an entirely new set of stacks!

  • Loch Ard Gorge

    Just a few minutes drive from the Twelve Apostles you can find Loch Ard Gorge. Here you can stroll the beautifully flat beach, surrounded by stunning limestone cliffs and you can learn about Australia’s most famous shipwreck. In 1878 the Loch Ard collided with a reef, the crash saw only 2 of the 54 on board the ship survive. Tom, a sailor, swam to shore and heard Eva, a young immigrant, calling for help. Tom responded to her calls and swam her to shore, saving her life. In 2009 an archway connecting the cliffs collapsed and saw the two remaining pillars named Tom and Eva.

  • London Bridge

    Originally connected to the mainland by a natural archway, London Bridge partially collapsed in 1990 leaving the stunning island you can see today. It remains a cautionary tale of the power of the natural elements, and a perfect vantage point to view the beauty of the Great Ocean Road. Though you can no longer access the island, London Bridge remains a must see.

  • Otway National Park

    With beach to the left and forest to the right, a trip day trip isn’t complete without a stop for a walk within the Otway Ranges Rainforest. With so many fantastic walk options you’re spoilt for choice. Explore a beautiful waterfall or join a guided walk through the ancient forests. It’s hard to believe that you’re surrounded by lush greenery after being coast-side just twenty minutes before!

With such diverse ecology and so many beautiful towns and lookouts to stop at, your day along the Great Ocean Road is sure to be absolutely packed with adventure!

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