Get to know the world’s oldest living culture at the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park.

Aboriginal people have been living across Australia for over 40,000 years. No matter when you visit the park is filled with authentic cultural experiences. Learn about Aboriginal culture in a respectful manner and open your eyes to traditional ways of life.

By Day

By day there is an endless list of activities for you to enjoy. Begin your trip in the Cultural Centre where you will learn about the Tjapukai believe system. Learn their creation stories and watch live performances of dance and storytelling.

In the centre you can also learn about the long lasting impacts of the stolen generations. Wander through the History and Heroes walk to discover the stories of inspirational Aboriginal people past and present. Follow the Art of My People talk and be guided through a variety of art styles throughout Australia.

Watch as the famous Tjapukai Dancers perform a corroboree celebration and fire making ceremony. The Cultural Village is where you can learn about bush foods, medicinal values of native plants and traditional hunting methods. You can also learn about tribal laws and the complex society systems Aboriginal groups live in.

Music and dance plays an important part in passing on stories and culture for Aboriginal people. Learn about one of the most famous instruments the didgeridoo, and discover how to make music with other instruments.

Top off your day with a delicious lunch, complete with native tastes and bush foods. You’ll be amazed how flavourful the meal is.

Remember to get a souvenir before you leave, the gift store is filled with delightful goods created by talented local Aboriginal artists.

By Night

Experience the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park in a whole new way. Meet the Bama, Aboriginal rainforest peoples who are the traditional owners of these lands. They will welcome you for the evening, sharing their connection to their traditional land with you.

Begin with a welcome and corroboree celebrating their Dreaming stories. Learn about the Rainbow Serpent and share in traditional language songs before ceremonial fires are lit in spectacular ways.

Dinner is a delicious spread of native meats, seafood and Indigenous flavours. After filling yourself at the Flame Tree Bar & Grill, let your food settle as you relax around the fire. Tjapukai warriors will sit with you and chat away the rest of the evening.

About Tjapukai

Tjapukai shares authentic Indigenous experiences with traditional owners and elders helping to ensure their culture is shared in a respectful way. Founded in 1987 Tjapukai is the largest Indigenous employer of any tourism enterprise in Australia. You can be assured that your visit to Tjapukai is not only supporting local Aboriginal peoples and communities, but actively working alongside them.

Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park is a fantastic place to get to know traditional culture and learn about Australia’s history. Aboriginal culture is unique, diverse and deserves your time so book your tickets to the park and get to know the people who cultivated this beautiful country.

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