Mt Field National Park is Tasmania’s first national park, known as the ‘the park for all seasons’, with the scenery transforming as you climb higher altitudes.

Nestled in the southern region of Tasmania, Mount Field National Park is only a quick hour drive from the bustling city of Hobart. Giving visitors a exceptional adventure amidst nature and a break from the noisy crowds. Covering nearly 163 square kilometres of land, the park is jam-packed with a endless amount of natural wonders and unique wildlife.

Discover the History

Mount Field National Park is one of Tasmania’s most culturally significant landscape. As over the years, archaeologics have unearthed several Aboriginal heritage sites within the park. History shows us that these Indigenous tribes resided in the region for over 35,000 years. Living in harmony with the natural terrain, with the park region falling into the territory of the Big River people. The Indigenous community continue having a ongoing connection to this culturally rich land. Visitors can see this strong relationship and history at multiple locations scattered about the park.

See the Wildlife

The park is home to a multitude of wildlife, with visitors able to see Tasmania’s extraordinary range of flora and fauna via the walking tracks, the watering holes, or even deep within the forest land. The flora within Mount Field National Park is truly not to be overlooked. Home to an entire eucalyptus rainforest, full of ferns, lichen and unbelievable funghi. If you trek up higher in the mountains you can see the Pandani, a region covered by giant grass trees that transform the landscape into a golden world during the autumn months. If you venture quietly through the terrain, you may get a chance to see the mystery and most sought after animals of the park. Wombats, and echidnas are beloved Australian creatures, and can be found foraging around the forest floor if you are lucky. If you head to the still waters of Lake Dobson, you may the chance to spot the playful platypus. And if you head even further into the park’s forest, you may even get to see a Tasmanian Devil!

Enjoy Russell Falls

Russell Falls is by far the most photographed waterfall in Tasmania, known for its picture-perfect beauty amidst the lush greenery. Taking only a short 20 walk to get to, even allowing wheelchair access along the smooth path, this waterfall is one of the top tourist attractions within the region.

Camp in the wilderness

Immerse yourself in the wilderness for more than just a day and set up camp admist the lush greenery. Camping and caravan facilities are found nearby the park entrance, offering spectacular views of the nearby forest. You can the best of both worlds, being nearby to both the local shops and cafes as well as the lush natural landscape.

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