No trip to Tasmania would be complete without a visit to the renowned Art gallery known as Museum of Old and New Art, or Mona.

It is the area’s most iconic and controversial attraction, home to hallucinatory architecture as well as both delightful and deeply disturbing artwork. Find out why this exceptional art galley should be on the top of your Tasmania bucket list!

The History of Mona

Mona was created by a local Tasmanian man named David Walsh, who dropped out of school to open a small museum of antiquities, which he later turned into a subterranean bunker housing Walsh’s own collection of art. He was a gifted card player, and even helped develop complex computer programs that assisted gambling. Due to this success, he decided to expand his museum even further, spending around $80 million on the building of the museum. His gamble paid off in the end, with Mona quickly becoming one of the most visited attractions in all of Tasmania, bringing over 950,000 visitors to its doors since its re-opening in 2011.

The Art

The art at Mona is unlike any you’ve ever seen at a museum before, with the aim is to challenge visitors in uncomfortable subjects, and the creativity of art. There are a multitude of rooms with different rooms, including a section known as a ‘subversive Disney theme park for adults’, a crap exhibit (literally), as well as a temple of atheism. Visitors can spend endless hours in this interactive museum, discovering artworks that they could neve have ever imagined. Those unsure with modern art can still enjoy this delightful gallery, as the interactive side of the artworks can charm even the most wary art lover.

The Extra Activities Available

Mona is much more than a museum, but an entire experience that boasts not just the gallery, but a restaurant, a winery, bars, a brewery, a café, and even on site accommodation. If you are unsure when to visit the region, why not book your tickets for when Mona is hosting its renowned festivals. The musuems hosts two massive festivals every year, with the summer event held during January, known for being a eclectic mix of music and art. Come June, and you can experience the famous Dark Mofo winter festival, which focuses on centuries-old winter solstice rituals, dark magic, as well as endless amounts of art, food, wine, and film.

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